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Foedus: The War Against Dissenting Aggression

I took a little mini-staycation from social media over the Triduum. Spent little time reading it. So, today, I get back on, see all sorts of talk of the “Catholic Civil War,” and I just had to chuckle. My first thought is, “Where have you been?!” I guess the infighters are now fighting with the infighters or something like that. Let me be clear: I don’t mind duking it out with people attacking, misrepresenting, skewing, or distorting the Faith, but I generally take the “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” attitude towards most of the Catholic world.  I also hardly consider most of them to be an enemy of anyone. Actually, that’s not true. Sometimes they are their own worst enemies, so I don’t need to pile on.

A while back, I was invited to join a new endeavor, a site for Catholic bloggers. The name? Foedus: The League of Catholic Bloggers.  I’m still surprised anyone knows who the heck I am, and then when I saw the other invitees, I gave an emphatic, “Uh, heck yeah!” (Actually, I probably would have said that anyway.) Who wouldn’t want to virtually “hang” with that crowd? And when I say hang, I mean I’m listed with all of them. That whole anonymous thing makes it hard to socialize, but now, whenever I need some clout with the offspring, I can read off the blogroll. You know, “Mom might not be as crazy as you think she is!” So, I thank them for the invite.

I’m excited about Foedus. I’ve been reading most of these blogs for a long time and discovered a lot of great educational info out there. One of the things I’m especially fond of is that there is no real “Civil War” there. Each blogger seems to just write what they write and don’t lose sleep about the response. They care deeply about the Faith and they point dissent towards the door. They don’t get distracted from those goals. Unlike the Fr. Martins of the world, though, these bloggers have a grasp on Primacy of Conscience. Well-formed consciences may still disagree from time to time. I would say they’re the adults in the Catholic room.


7 thoughts on “Foedus: The War Against Dissenting Aggression”

  1. Catholic civil war? Between whom and whom else? Or do they refer rather to the ongoing “war” between trad and modern that has been an ongoing struggle since Vatican II? …And likely preceded said Council.

  2. And have you just considered that this might possibly not be the group you would want to be associated with simply because they would have you? No matter how well meaning, many groups evolve to the point where they tend to take the edge off certain of their members.

    1. Donald, I think you’ve followed me for awhile. If that’s your opinion of me, you don’t know me very well. They knew full well what they were getting which is why I like them.

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