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Judgmental Much, Fr. Martin? (And Hypocritical Too.)

Surprise, surprise, Fr. Martin is still yammering away. His most recent issue is to tell everyone who is and who is not pro-life. Unfortunately for him, he has a wee bit of trouble understanding the difference between the direct, intentional killing of the unborn and someone catching Covid-19 by going to Mass. Isn’t it interesting that, when people want to worship Our Lord at Mass, suddenly “primacy of conscience” goes out the window? That’s where I went with his tweet.

My response:

One thing also missing from Fr. James Martin’s tweet is the rest of the sacraments. People aren’t simply pushing for a restoration of Mass and distribution of Communion, they are pushing for restoration of ALL of the sacraments, especially those being denied to the dying who need them most. Of course, people are all for taking precautions, just like we’re asked to do at the laundromat, pot dispensary, grocery store, liquor store, and a whole host of other places deemed “essential.” Ultimately, though, it’s up to our bishops. That’s who we are appealing to, unlike him and his ilk who just do whatever the hell they want. So if you want to appeal to your bishop to restore the sacraments as is your right, please see these sites:


Back to primacy of conscience…Fr. Martin has suggested on many occasions that people must exercise primacy of conscience whenever it comes to things that go against Church teaching (and I’ve already done a piece that focuses on his common errors in this area . Last time I checked, Mass and the sacraments don’t go against Church teaching and we’ve certainly seen many saints do exactly what he says is “anti-life” in times of pestilence. Instead, for him this is a proper exercise of the primacy of conscience:

This is not:

Also, for the man who has spilt much ink against being judgmental (AKA James Martin, SJ) doesn’t this tweet seem a little judgmental?

Lastly, one of my Twitter friends hit the nail on the head with this one, and I’m not too proud to say I am sad I missed pointing this out first.

Fr. Martin NEVER condemns homosexual acts. He NEVER points out how dangerous they are to the lives of those engaging in them. His omission may have cost the lives of many. So, is he really the person to point fingers at, well, anyone? His stance is clear: You can never condemn anyone’s acts that contradict the teaching of the Church, but condemning those who believe they should be worshiping Our Lord in Mass? Go right ahead.

12 thoughts on “Judgmental Much, Fr. Martin? (And Hypocritical Too.)”

  1. Jane kilmartin

    We are children who live in confusion thanks to a vocal powerful few. Then we have the children of divine apathy who want just a certain amount of faith talk and no more . Lastly we have a courageous lot who thrives on truth and hungers for spiritual food. Which of these children will win out?

  2. As most… educated Catholics know – our Blessed Lord said “…unless you eat the flesh of the Son of man and drink his blood, you have no life in you”. (John 6:53, stars added)

    Those who press for a resumption of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass are concerned about souls so they may have life and partake in Christ’s Divinity (or receive sanctifying grace – see 2 Peter 1:4) – thus enabling said souls to have Eternal Life with Life Himself!

    How in the world is this “anti-life”?

    1. “(John 6:53, stars added)” – should say, italics added. Sorry, Mom. I forgot that adding stars made the words italicized. My bad.

  3. James Andrew Dunn

    I’m going to call it for what it is: Fr. James Martin, in all probability, supports abortion 200%. Note how he refers to the “fetus” in the tweet above. That’s classic pro-abort dogma: never call an unborn child an unborn child.

    I hope that maximum good somehow comes out of corona crisis and while that’s up to God, one good thing would be for sacreligious priests in title only like this guy be marginalized out of business.

  4. Doesn’t it make sense to put off resumption of the sacraments as long as possible when the older people most likely to take advantage of them are in the age group at highest risk? Most people over 60 are not going to the grocery store, liquor store or any of the other “essential services” that remain open. Nor should they be partaking in any activities exposing them to the virus – whether or not those activities be sacramental or not.

    1. I don’t know where you live but we have seniors’ hours here and the lines are around the buildings. Regardless, nobody is suggesting that the dispensations be removed.

  5. James Andrew Dunn

    And one more thing… I think we have to question whether priests like James Martin really believe in the Real Presence. When I see hysterical rants like his that receiving Holy Communion in times of plague is dangerous, that pretty much answers the question.

  6. James Riederer

    You are absolutely right, of course.
    However, there isn’t much purpose to point out inconsistencies to this bird brain.
    Especially now.
    He is just SICK that all of the LGBT agenda parades and the attached nonsense are cancelled. Funny how this group wasn’t planning on their public deviancy being X’d out this year.

  7. It is time to pull Fr. Martin off the stage. He has stayed far too long by half. He is no longer of interest, if he ever was, and most certainly irrelevant. His followers will do what they will, with their own approbation fixed firmly in their minds (or some other regions) and hopefully revert to the closet and spare the rest of us an embarrassment we do not wish to consider.

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