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Just Something “Fun” AKA Bizarre Before Lent

I’m sure everyone thought this a Babylon Bee post when they first saw it. It is real. I know it’s not really fun but tell me you didn’t chuckle when you thought it was from the Bee.  I mean, I’ve seen a lot of bizarre things coming out of the region but it looks like we’ve wandered into a modern-day German annexing of the sanity of Austria. Geez.

“I. CAN’T. EVEN.” pretty much covers this one. I’m having trouble even ranting about this one because it’s so preposterous. I’m sure THE most liberal Catholic I know was thinking “What in THE…?” I’ll let it go there because they’d probably use something I wouldn’t. I mean, the die-hard liberal is now faced with having to be honest or trying to fake understanding the profound meaning like the idiot who paid $120,000 for the banana duct taped to the wall.

Heck, this whole thing is making the felt banners look pretty darn good right now. Maybe that was the plan all along?! Perhaps Cardinal Schoenborn has some sort of substance abuse problem we didn’t know about? I mean, who says “Yeah! Let’s hang a giant purple sweater in the cathedral!” unless they were stoned out of their ever-loving mind? Really, who? Did someone lose a bet?  The guy who wrote the copy “the priority of warming love of neighbor” for the cathedral website must having been crying as he realized this was his career. Can you imagine being the person who has to frame utter insanity?

And, after finding out this is real, I decided I was pretty offended for more than the obvious. As a woman, I wouldn’t be caught dead in that sweater! Why in the world is this considered a “woman’s sweater?” Looks more like product placement for Under Armor. I’m sure the women who love real men would love to see a Georg von Trapp rip that sucker down and tear it in two just like the Nazi Flag. Wouldn’t that be satisfying? Am I right ladies?

To all those giving up the internet for Lent, we’ll catch you on the Easter side!

7 thoughts on “Just Something “Fun” AKA Bizarre Before Lent”

  1. There is a protestant church in our town of Parker Colorado offering “Drive-thru Ashes” on Ash Wednesday. Crazy times.

  2. Ugly color, ugly fabric, in no way a woman’s sweater. I wouldn’t wear that thing! I can’t imagine what they are thinking, whatever it is, it surely isn’t Catholic. These men are w-e-I-r-d. What’s next, socks?

    I knew for certain if I were in Rome for the synod I would have tossed those Pachamamas.
    I wanted to do it before it was accomplished, and I know I would have done it. I would definitely want to take this ugly sweater down, and I think a couple of hefty grandmas could get it down, although I don’t know what it weighs. It’s a lavender nightmare, somebody needs to give it a good tug.
    Every time this type of insult to Christ shows up, there should be faithful Catholics willing to toss it out into the street.

  3. You know…I expect this type of crap from the secular world when attacking our Church, but this nonsense, by our own shepherds just sickens me.

  4. This is not the first time St Stephen’s cathedral has been desecrated in this way. Last year, for the second year in a row it has been used as a venue for a so-called fundraiser concert for HIVAids by the association called “Life” (an official organiser of the annual “Life Ball” which promotes the homosexual agenda.) The concert was held with the permission of the Archbishop who personally attended the event. Alexander Tschuggel, who threw the Pachamamas into the Tiber organised a rosary in front of the cathedral at the time of the “concert”. The concert last year featured as the main star a homosexual transvestite performing under the name of “Conchita Wurst”. Photos on the internet from the previous concert were horrifying. The purple sweater is pretty tame compared to that but is still sickening. And meaningless. Toss the sweaters into the Danube someone, quick!!
    I would rather have the cross.

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